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At Dolce Espresso we make the best coffee.  Our range of coffee and coffee blends have been sourced, created, and roasted with much deliberation.

Our four blends include: 


Harvest Blend:  Clean, elegant acidity and sweet finish.San Lorenzo – Costa RicaAcacia Hills Estate – Tanzania


Dark Horse: Complex character, intense and full-bodied. La Florencia – NicaraguaYirgZero – EthiopiaTiga Raja – Sumatra


House blend is a specially profiled mix of beans designed to cut through milk.


Decaffeinated is a single origin mountain water decaf from Primaveral Colombia


Our coffee beans sourced from 5 senses are available for purchase instore.


To pre order ready for collection call (03) 9848 2522, or visit us at Westfield Doncaster to taste the best coffee in Melbourne.  All coffee beans or ground purchased gets you a free sample coffee to drink while we freshly pack your coffee.


The tea we use...

Our specially selected teas from Teadrop are individually packed into silk bags.  


The milk we use...

We use only the best! 

A2 milk is the only milk that can guarantee that only an A2 protein is found in the milk.  A1 protein contains an enzyme called LCM7 that causes an upset stomach in some customers. A2 is also a more stable product to work with.

We have a full cream A2 and a low fat option.

Bonsoy Soy milk

Almond Milk



We've got you covered for milk options...


Italian Hot Chocolates

Our traditional Italian hot chocolates are rich, thick and decadent!! 

The flavors... traditional, cherry ripe, peppermint crisp, maltesser, chilli, apple, hazelnut, pistachio, caramel and white.

© 2015  Dolce Espresso, Westfield Doncaster, Opposite Rebel Sport.

Great meeting place for breakfast and lunch  

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